Intercooler + Air Shroud For Mazda RX7 FD 13B Turbo
Replace Stock Intercooler and Plastic Shroud with Larger Intercooler and Aluminum Air Ducting Shroud
Note: This Listing Is for Intercooler and Shroud ONLY. Piping Kit, Intake Box Kit Shown On Pictures Are NOT Included.  
Product Being Sold: 
Intercooler + Shroud  
Upgrade Intercooler with Larger Core, 80% Bigger 
Stock Core Is 12"x2.6"x5", with 2.75" Inlet and Outlet 
Our Core Is 16"x5"x3.5", with 3" Inlet and Outlet 
Comes with Mouthing Brackets
-Intercooler Shroud 
Full Aluminum Construction 
Larger Opening without Factory Shroud Restriction 
Intercoolers are made with high quality aluminum materials and are designed to offer the best performance results yet still maintaining low competitive prices. Our intercooler are fully tested using superflow's industry leading SF1020 flowbench. Our turbo kits using the same intercoolers are also tested with superflow's SF-Powermark engine dynamometer.

Our intercoolers are fully tested and track proven. See below for photos and video of the flowbench test.

Our flowbench tests are done with industry standard at 28 inch of H2O and also higher pressure. Intercoolers are normally used for boosted applications which flow at higher flow rates. However, many intercooler manufacturers/sellers list flowrates that inaccurate and stating a flow rate without even indicating the test pressure is misleading.
Product Info and Spec:
(Measurements and Results Have +/- 2% Tolerance)
Bar & Plate
Core Size:
Overall Size:
Inlet Size:
Outlet Size:
Flow Rate @ 28InH2O (1 PSI):
418 CFM
Flow Rate @ 50InH2O (~2 PSI):
629 CFM
HP Rating:
400-500 HP
- Off road or track use ONLY, not for Street use.
- Due to the complexity of a turbo/supercharger motor, or swapping a motor to a different chassis, please make sure that you understand the application stated here are the right parts for your poject.
- Part(s) being sold is what is being advertised ONLY. Other parts shown on installed pictures are for demo only (of our complete kit).
Click Below Picture to See Flowbench Test:
Item(s) Included:
Intercooler x1  
Aluminum Shroud 
Compare of Stock Intercooler Vs Ours
Below Are Examples of Cars/Applications Using This Intercooler: 
FOR 1992-2002 Mazda RX7 FD with Stock Rotary 13B Engine Twin Turbo 

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Upgraded Larger Intercooler Air Duct Shroud For RX7 RX-7 FD 13B Turbo

  • Brand: Rotary-Works
  • Product Code: RW-IC0084-SHROUD
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  • $418.18