About Us

The Goal for Rotary-Works is to provide the best parts available for Mazda Rotary cars of today. We started as a small business in the early years, building and creating our own parts without the availability of high end performance parts we now see today. Our small shop grew into a Motorsports Race team, Building and fabricating our own parts to aid our street cars into Racing cars for competition.

With the success in Drag racing for many years, winning multiple Races cross country gave us the opportunity to make Racing parts available to the public and gained a trusted name for ourselves through around the world.

We set out a goal to ourselves, to produce and to manufacture our knowledge of parts to a larger scale of business. Rotary-Works was found based on our succeed history and a vision of providing high quality Rotary parts to enthusiasts & racing community. With strong support from manufacturing and technical background, benefit from new technologies and online marketing, Rotary-Works is now a manufacture and distributor of Racing Rotary parts for all types of cars from street to full scale race cars. At our workshop we continue to R&D the latest of parts from our past years of experience to full scale availability in our websites and show rooms.

Rotary-Works has a past history for building innovative street cars and race cars. We still continue to race with our newest Race teams and Race cars at local events and cross country. Our parts and cars are a symbol of courage and determination with Pride and Joy, that’s what makes us Rotary-Works.