11 Gauge Thick Wall Single Top Mount Turbo Manifold + WG Dump Tube For 2003-2012 Mazda RX-8 With RX-7 FD REW 13B Engine Swap

Manifold Fits T4 Turbo, with 3" Vband Exhaust Housing, and 60mm Vband Wastegate

1. Due to Limited Space and the Difficulty Of RX8/13B Turbo Swap, There Is ONLY Very Small Room Available for Manifold and Turbo. This Manifold ONLY Fits Rotary-Work's Engine Mount Kit (Which Oil Pan Sits Approximate 3/4 Inch Lower than the Lowest Point Of the Front Cross Support, See Below Picture). If Your Engine Sits Differently with More Than 1/4"" Difference. This Manifold Won't Fit.

2. This Kit Is Developed Based On US Model Left-Hand-Drive. For RHD, We Have Not Tested and Don't Know If There Is Any Fitment Problems (Primary Issue Is Steering Shaft Might Hit Other Parts). We Don't Guarantee Fitment for RHD Chassis.

Chassis: 2003-2012 Mazda RX8
Engine: RX-7 FD 13B Turbo
Note: This Is A Single Turbo Kit, Does NOT Fit Stock Twin Turbo

Product Info and Spec:

Manifold and Downpipe Kit:
-11 Gauge Thick Wall Manifold
-T4 Flange, 60mm Vband Wastegate Flange


-Off Road or Track Use ONLY, NOT for Street Use

-Due to the Complexity of Swapping a Motor to Different Chassis, Please Make Sure that You Understand the Application Stated Here are the Right Parts for Your Project

-Parts Being Sold are the Kit Being Advertised ONLY. Other Parts Shown on Pictures are for Demo Only (of Our Complete Swap Kit). Check Our Other Products
      Note: With Our Mount Kit, Oil Pan Sits Approximate 3/4 Inch Lower than the Lower Point Of the Front Cross Support Turbo Manifold Installed Pictures:                          

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Thick Wall Manifold for RX8 RX-8 13B Turbo Swap T4 60MM WG Flange

  • Brand: Rotary-Works
  • Product Code: RW-MF-13B-RX8-WT
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $497.00